All keys have now been sold. I would like to thank all those who have purchased from us; and hope you continue to use your keys. It has been a pleasure to bring these keys to hams all over the world and I have enjoyed meeting and communicating with many new found friends. Have fun with CW, enjoy it and long may it continue.

Superb keys with 1000’s of satisfied customers all over the world

One of the most pleasant hand keys to use with a superb keying action, and extremely well made to a unique Czech design. Complete with original lead and plug (optional plug connectors available so as to retain key in original condition). The enclosed construction makes them almost silent in operation and keeps the contacts clean. These keys are over 50 years old but like new. Add to your collection or use for everyday relaxed CW.

Czech Morse Key

Latest comments from hams around the world.............

Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the key. It arrived today (Wednesday) after order it on line on Sunday evening. Mine was brand new and still in the wrapping. I do like the action of the key and have now set it up to suit my style of keying. That was very easy as well. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly and I will be using it this evening. Kind regards, Bill - G4ERV

Hoy dia he recibido la llave, todo ha estado y recepcionado perfectamente. Muchas gracias y 73´s Manuel EA4CQX

I have received my BRAND NEW Czech Morse key this afternoon all the way from Britain to Virginia USA in one week: how amazing! I am quite satisfied with it. What a fine and unique instrument. I spent many years listening to radio transmissions from the CSSR as it was called back during the cold war, so it’s a special delight for me to have one of their keys. I concur with your statement that the key is almost silent in operation and this is much appreciated in our very small house, because like many hams, I am often on the radio while my lovely wife is sleeping and this key is so very quiet that I am certain that it will not disturb her sleep in the next room. Thank You & 73 de Ray W7ASA

Received my Morse key the day after it was ordered online. Excellent service. It certainly is a solid piece of kit and a joy to use. These keys are definitely built to last. I love it. Thanks Ross

Hello, i have received the key today, very fast!, it is very cool and very nice key, agreeable to operate and i am very happy with this. Thanks for your superb service and 73 Miguel EA1IJP

Many thanks for this great key. I have submitted a review to eham. Your service is world class, many thanks. The key is wonderful, it really does almost send CW by itself. Very smooth and quiet , for its vintage you cannot go wrong with this purchase. I am also a QRP and a member of GQRP for quite some time. 73 Fred VE3FAL

Just received my key - very quick considering the Christmas post. I can only agree with others comments about the fascination of unwrapping such a vintage gem. The action is superb and it is clearly built to last. I can only say to anyone thinking of buying a modern hand key to get one of these before forking out five times as much on something inferior. 73 Martin M0WZM

The key arrived today just 6 days after leaving you. Looks and feels great. Now to set it up and get used to the "dished" knob after so many years of my venerable 1930’s BPO key which has been set to one side for a holiday. Many thanks 73 Don VK3ASD

Robert in Singleton NSW here. I have just opened the front door to the Postie and he had a little package for me. Not bad eh? From order to here in country Australia in just one week and half way around the world. All arrived here in pristine condition and aren’t they lovely to behold. Can’t wait to get one on air a bit later. New toy. Yippee!! Thanks Mike. Cheers. Robert.

The key arrived a few hours ago! A few moments ago I just made my very first CW contact in over 25 years :-) Thanks, 73 Marvin VE3VEE

Many thanks for your prompt delivery received today very nice key put choc block connector and 3.5 mm plug on existing plug and was on air in a few minutes, very nice feel; my existing Hi Mound will persist on not keeping its gap as no locking nut on the key adjustment; very well made and a joy to use 73, best wishes, Colin

Hi,I received my Czech Key today. Its in brilliant condition, its exciting unwrapping something 50 years old!! A very speedy service well done!! Thank you vy much. 73, MI0GRG

It arrived this morning brilliantly packaged and is in great condition - it is like a time capsule to unwrap ! looking forward to setting up as per website then using to perfect and then use the code... 73, Ray, 2E0TEM

I just received my key today. You shipped May 16, arrived May 21. Not bad for the post office. Key looks great! Not a speck of rust anywhere. Hard to believe it was made in the 50’s. Glad I got the adapter ends for the plug. Thanks again! I’ll be sure to recommend you, Rick VE9RK

Got the key today! Totally awesome! Thanks a bunch for the great item and fast delivery. Will try to get on the air tonight!!! 73 K0URN

I received my Czech key today – thank you. I just plugged it into the rig and it is a beautiful key. Reminds me of my very first key (which has long since gone) by the feel and response. A bit like an old friend really. Sounds silly I know. I look forward to pounding the brass for many hours to come. Best 73, Paul VK5GX

I have just received the Czech Key. It’s in very good conditions. Very smooth key. I’ll try it on air during incoming weekend. Thanks very much! un saludo. --- 72 de EA8BVP, Baltasar.

Received key today, brilliant service!! Will be looking out for a DIY code oscillator to build, have started practising receive these last couple of weeks. 73 John M6BKO

Key arrived this morning plugged in and working fb. Fits my fist like a glove 73 john

Thank you very much for the morse keys, I got the package today. They are great and both in excellent condition! Unbelievable they were manufactured so long time ago...73 Petr

My key arrived and I am totally delighted with has a much nicer feel than the Kent and NATO bathtub keys I have and at a fraction of the price! Thanks, Steve G0XAR

Just wanted to let you know my morse key arrived safely today and to say thanks! I’ll hopefully be heard on the air as soon as I trust my rudimentary skills. The new key will give me some motivation and is a lovely piece of engineering to boot! 73 de DL7FP Francis

Further to previous emails I can now let you know that following extensive use on the air I am very pleased indeed with the key. The centre of gravity is particularly good. Makes sending CW the pleasure it should be... Excellent value for money. 73 Richard G4ICP

G’day, Mike: I thought I’d wait until I had a few weeks of on-air use to report back. I thought I’d found the ultimate hand key when I picked up a Junker DBGM lately, but it takes a back seat to the Czech key any day now! I find I can send faster, and with less effort, on the Czech key than I can with the Junker. Unlike many keys, the keying action does not seem to "mush" when I set the spring to "light" and the contact gap to "miniscule". And, of course, on those days when I want to pound the key, the spring can be set quite firm, and stays in adjustment. I’m sold!...and the "slight rust" on my Scotsman’s version is very slight indeed! 73 John VK4TJ

Received the Czech key yesterday in good shape, connected it a couple of minutes ago and just made my first qso with it. What a lovely thing!! Great value for such a modest price..Thank you very much, a very happy Rienus, PA0RBA

Yesterday I have received the Czech key (very fast for Brazilian standards...).Very beautiful piece, I liked it very much! 73´s Fernando - PY2ETT

I got the key a few days ago. It is in very good condition and very pleasant to use. I am very satisfied, many thanks again. Best 73’s de F5OQO Jean-Michel

Received the morse key in good order this morning. Thanks very much for your efforts and it sure is an interesting key of unique construction. Thanks. Mike VK4M

Czech key arrived today. I am very pleased with it. Thanks for first class service. 73 Dave G0AWZ

Received the key this morning and can’t believe how new it is. Looks like it only came off the production line this morning. It is a fantastic key and I am really overjoyed with this purchase so once again many thanks. 73 de Eamon EA1GIZ

Key arrived in good order, after adjustment it feels very nice, also have a Junker with same plugs so use the same lead to connect. Best Stan ZL2BLQ

The key arrived in today’s mail in excellent condition. Thanks for the great service. Now to get it adjusted and on the air. 73 Len KC0RSX

Just to let you know the key arrived this morning, well packed and safely. I’ve already set it up and am delighted with it, in fact I think it will become one of my favourites. I found that a small of piece of perforated plastic mat under the key stopped a tendency to move about on the bench. Many thanks Mike for superb service. Cheers from Bert GW4KUS

Practical Wireless Review of the Czech Key.............

Practical Wireless Review

Morse Oscillator.....

Build a morse oscillator powered by a 9V PP3 battery, with 2" 8 ohm speaker, fixed audio level with adjustable frequency of approx 800Hz to 10Khz! using 25 turn pot (not pure sine wave), mount in a small plastic box, with 4mm sockets on 20mm pitch ready for a Czech Morse Key. Construction details here and Built oscillator here

Czech Morse Key and Oscillator Box

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